Catalytic hydrogenation: The liquid-phase hydrogenation process of p-Nitrobenzene was studied. A special high-efficiency catalyst for liquid-phase hydrogenation of nitrobenzene was designed and developed to replace the imported noble metal catalyst and get rid of the control of foreign companies on the key technology of aniline production in China. The technology runs smoothly on a 180,000 ton production line with good results. It not only reduces the content of by-products and improves the quality of aniline, but also reduces the production cost of aniline and improves the economic benefits. In addition, several series of highly efficient catalysts for hydrogenation of various nitro compounds have been developed.

One-step oxidation of cyclohexane to adipic acid: One-step air oxidation of cyclohexane to adipic acid was developed. This method abandoned the use of nitric acid in the two-step synthesis of industrial adipic acid and the emission of strong greenhouse gas pollutants of nitrogen oxides. Now it has entered the pilot stage.

Amino-terminated polyethers: For the reduction amination of several kinds of polyether polyols, a highly efficient heterogeneous catalyst of non-noble metals was developed to prepare amino-terminated polyethers with high selectivity.