In the chemical production process, many unsaturated compounds, oxygenates, and nitrogen-containing compounds require reduction treatment to prepare downstream products. The use of catalytic hydrogenation technology can avoid environmental problems such as three wastes caused by reduction methods such as iron powder. Catalytic hydrogenation generally produces target products and water, which has good atomic economy and is one of the key research directions in the field of green chemistry.

We conduct research on nitro compounds, biomass, oils, and unsaturated hydrocarbons. We are committed study to the active center characterization, structure-performance relationship, catalytic mechanism, reaction pathway, and hydrogenation kinetics of heterogeneous catalysts in hydrogenation reactions. It is expected to have an in-depth understanding of the hydrogenation reaction process and the molecular behaviors  and the actual catalytic process on the catalyst surface, the method to avoid catalyst deactivation. Thereby better screening and optimization of the design of the hydrogenation catalyst.